Ethiotelecom Mobile Phones: A Comprehensive Guide

Ethiotelecom Mobile Phones A Comprehensive Guide

Mobile phones have become an indispensable component of modern life, from staying connected with loved ones and managing business affairs on-the-go, to managing our personal lives at work and managing affairs on-the-go.

One such provider in Ethiopia offering these services is Ethio Telecom; one of their leading mobile providers. Let’s delve into its Ethiotelecom Mobile Phones offerings as well as explore all of its available consumer options.

EthioTelecom’s Journey:

Since its founding, Ethio Telecom has been an indispensable player in Ethiopia’s telecommunications industry. Over time, it has continuously transformed to meet customer demand: from basic voice calling services to high-speed internet connectivity; Ethio Telecom now provides a comprehensive suite of mobile services.

Introduction to EthioTelecom Mobile Phones:

Ethio Telecom offers an expansive selection of mobile phones to meet a range of budgets and preferences, from budget phones with basic features to premium smartphones packed with cutting-edge capabilities.

Let’s explore some key categories available here:

1. Feature Phones:

Ethio Telecom provides an affordable selection of feature phones from leading brands that meet essential functionalities such as calling, texting, and internet browsing – perfect for users prioritizing simplicity and affordability. Ethio Telecom makes their product accessible to all segments of society ensuring accessibility for every segment.

2. Smartphones:

Smartphones have quickly become an indispensable device, offering advanced features and functionalities such as multitasking and high-quality photography to enrich the user experience. Ethio Telecom partners with leading smartphone manufacturers to bring you the latest models at competitive prices – perfect whether you are student, professional, or tech enthusiast – our selection of smartphones caters for various needs and preferences.

3. 4G Enabled Devices:

With the rapid expansion of 4G networks across Ethiopia comes an ever-increasing need for devices equipped with 4G capabilities that can leverage high-speed internet access. Ethio Telecom offers an assortment of 4G enabled smartphones, tablets, and modems so users can experience smooth internet browsing, streaming media content, and online gaming experiences.

4. Specialized Devices:

Ethio Telecom offers more than mainstream mobile phones; in fact, we specialize in providing tailored devices tailored specifically for specific users’ needs – be they rugged outdoor enthusiasts’ phones with simplified user interfaces, or enterprise users requiring advanced security features.

How to buy unlimited package from Ethio Telecom

Ethio Telecom makes purchasing an unlimited package easy and accessible through their user-friendly purchasing process. Ethio Telecom services must first be accessed, whether that means accessing them through their website, mobile app or visiting authorized retail outlets or service centers. Customers logged into or at a store can browse available unlimited packages that provide unlimited voice calls, SMS text messaging and data within Ethiopia for various timeframes (daily plans through monthly).

Once customers have selected their package, they can activate it by following prompts on either the website or app, informing a store representative, or dialing an USSD code from their mobile phones. Consumers will then need to verify their selection by providing details like their mobile phone number, account information and payment method, as applicable. Once their purchase is complete, customers will be sent a confirmation message with all of the features and terms of their purchased package. From there they can immediately begin enjoying unlimited services and track usage throughout their package period.

Benefits of Selecting Ethio Telecom Mobile Phones:

There are numerous compelling arguments in favor of purchasing Ethio Telecom phones:


Ethio Telecom has built its name by offering reliable communications services throughout Ethiopia. By choosing Ethio Telecom mobile phones, users can enjoy consistent network coverage and quality service wherever they travel.


Ethio Telecom’s mobile phones are affordable and accessible to a broad audience, whether on a budget or looking for premium features at an economical price point. You will find something suitable to meet every pocket size at Ethio Telecom!

Quality Assurance:

Ethio Telecom’s mobile phones go through rigorous quality tests to ensure optimal performance and durability for their customers, giving them peace of mind in knowing that they are investing in an excellent product that comes with its name behind it.

Customer Support Services:

Ethio Telecom provides comprehensive customer support services, offering assistance with any queries or issues they encounter. From technical assistance to warranty services, their dedicated support team is ready and waiting to quickly meet customer demands and satisfy their requirements efficiently.


Ethiotelecom Mobile Phones provides a diverse selection of mobile phones tailored to the specific needs and preferences of consumers in Ethiopia. From basic feature phones to cutting-edge smartphones, Ethio Telecom has options that fit every requirement imaginable – as they remain reliable, affordable and quality providers of mobile services that connect millions across Ethiopia.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Ethio Telecom:

1. How can I check my balance on Ethio Telecom?

To access Ethio Telecom balance information, dial *804# from any mobile phone and follow the prompts; an updated message displaying your remaining balance will then appear on screen.

2. How can I recharge my Ethio Telecom account?

You can recharge your account with Ethio Telecom either by purchasing recharge cards from authorized retailers, or through mobile banking services such as Mobile Money Reload Service (MFRS). Simply dial 805 and input your 16-digit recharge card number before pressing the call button – simple as that!

3. How do I activate data packages with Ethio Telecom?

To do so, dial *807# from your mobile phone and choose your desired data package from the menu. Follow any prompts given by Ethio Telecom in order to activate and confirm it.

4. What should I do if I am having issues with my Ethio Telecom service?

If you are experiencing any difficulty with your Ethio Telecom service, contact Ethio Telecom’s customer service hotline at 994 for immediate assistance or visit one of their service centers for help.

5. Does Ethio Telecom Offer International Roaming Services?

Yes, Ethio Telecom offers international roaming services so you can use your mobile phone while traveling abroad. To activate international roaming, visit an Ethio Telecom service center or contact customer service for assistance – additional charges may apply depending on usage of international roaming.

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