The Best Shopping Centers Near Cabo San Lucas Airport: A Shopaholic’s Guide

The Best Shopping Centers Near Cabo San Lucas Airport: A Shopaholic’s Guide

If you’re a shopaholic visiting Los Cabos, you’re in luck. The area that surrounds Cabo San Lucas International Airport Cabo San Lucas International Airport (SJD) is home to a number of the most popular shopping malls within the area. From boutiques with a high-end feel to souvenir shops there’s something for everyone in this area. This guide will guide you to the top malls near airports.

Luxury Avenue

Luxury Avenue is an posh shopping center located in the middle of Cabo San Lucas and is known for its unique collection of premium brands and designer products. The mall provides a luxurious shopping experience for shoppers who want to enjoy high-end fashion jewellery, jewelry, and accessories.

Luxury Avenue is situated in the Puerto Paraiso mall complex, which is located in the marina region located in Cabo San Lucas. The mall features a contemporary and sleek style, featuring high-end stores offering the latest fashions of top designer brands like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. You can also find high-end jewelry stores such as Bulgari and luxury brands like Rolex as well as Hublot.

Apart from jewelry and fashion, Luxury Avenue also offers top-quality beauty products from renowned brands such as L’Occitane, MAC, and Kiehl’s. The mall also offers several gourmet stores and restaurants, providing high-end dining options for those who want to get away from their shopping.

Luxury Avenue has become a sought-after place for both locals and tourists alike, drawing those looking for the latest fashions in designer and luxurious items. The mall hosts a variety of promotions and events all year round which makes it an essential stop for those who want to experience the most luxurious buying experience Cabo San Lucas.

Puerto Paraiso

Only a short driving distance from Airport (via the airport shuttle taxi), Puerto Paraiso is a mall which offers a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment choices. With more than 140 shops that range from fashion labels from around the world to local artisanal goods. There’s an cinema, an aquarium and an interactive museum making it a perfect spot to spend a day with the family.

Plaza San Lucas

Plaza San Lucas is a shopping mall that is located only 10 minutes away from the airport. It’s the ideal place to buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family members back home. There are many stores selling traditional Mexican crafts, along with clothes, jewelry and other accessories. There are a variety of cafés and restaurants in which you can relax from shopping and eat some delicious local food.

The Shoppes at Palmilla

Just 20 minutes of the airport. The Shoppes at Palmilla located about 20 minutes from the airport is a posh shopping mall worth the journey. This outdoor shopping mall has the most expensive fashion brands, along with interior decor and gourmet food shops. It also boasts breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez, making it a perfect spot to unwind in the afternoon shopping in the stores.

Plaza del Pescador

Plaza del Pescador is a charming shopping center that is situated in the center of San Jose del Cabo, just a few minutes away of the international airport. The charming mall has a range of boutique stores that sell clothing as well as jewelry and interior decor. The center also has a patio in which you can sit and relax with a cup of tea or meal at one of the restaurants or cafes.

You may be looking for high-end clothing, local souvenirs or simply a relaxing excursion, these shopping malls close to Cabo San Lucas International Airport are a must. Cabo San Lucas International Airport have something to offer anyone. Starting from Luxury Avenue all the way to Plaza del Pescador, these shopping centers provide a broad selection of dining, shopping and entertainment options guaranteed to please any shopper. Book an air ticket, book your hotel room and taxi airport transportation take your bags and prepare to shop until you arrive in Los Cabos!

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